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Lead Time Update

Update Sept 19, 2023 -

BP - 16 Weeks

H20 - 26 Weeks

H32 - 26 Weeks

All molding lines are still seeing very large demand.  Forecasts are indicating that we will continue to see this demand until the end of 2024.  A lot can change in that time but we continue to focus on increasing production to bring the leads times down.

Hard orders have pushed the lead times on our H32 and H20 lines to lengths we've never seen before.  We are working with these customers very closely to ensure this demand is actually required and not just capacity hoarding.

Over the last several weeks we've had several furnace issues that impacted production significantly.  They are now running and we continue to work with our suppliers and contractors to address the root cause.  Our third furnace that has been down for 14 months waiting for electrical components should now be about 4-5 weeks away from starting back up which will help.

Both BP machines have been replaced with with new Sinto 16x20 machines.  As of Aug 21, both machines are fully operational and we expect to see the lead time come down to 8 weeks by the the middle/end of October.

We're continuing to on-board and train new employees as fast as possible.  The labor pool is growing but retention has proven to be tough.  

In the coming 2 weeks I'll be sending out an email to all customers regarding staffing changes.  This will be to introduce some new people to our team and clearly define relevant staff roles so the lines of communication are clear.

We are continuing our long term planning which includes several necessary major capitol projects.  I will be in communication with everyone about those over the coming months.

Thank you for your understanding and patience as we adapt to this rapidly changing manufacturing environment.

Jeff Herdman

General Manager

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