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Lead Time Update

Update Feb 8th -

BP - 19 Weeks

H20 - 18 Weeks

H32 - 19 Weeks

All molding lines are now seeing very large demand.  Forecasts are indicating that we will continue to see this demand until the end of 2024.  A lot can change in that time but we continue to ramp up our operation to bring the leads times down.

We are replacing one of our BP's in March with a new Sinto 1620 which will provide faster cycle time and better quality.  This will cause a roughly 2 week period of reduced production while installation takes place.

We're continuing to on-board and train new employees as fast as possible but retention has proven to be tough.  We are now looking toward non-traditional options to increase our workforce as well.

Thank you for your understanding and patience as we adapt to this rapidly changing manufacturing environment.

Jeff Herdman

General Manager

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