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Ancast Industries is a leading iron-casting provider based in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. We provide a suite of design, engineering, and manufacturing services to meet your project’s needs. Our experienced engineers and technicians operate advanced iron casting equipment and work with various iron grades. Explore our options to learn how we can deliver an ideal solution for your part production needs.

Weldment Conversion

Ancast Industries helps customers convert weldments to castings. Weldments typically consist of multiple pieces of flame-cut steel welded into a single piece. Converting this weldment to a single casting helps save companies money and time, as well as improving the look of the product.

To assist your designers, our engineers use 3D computer-aided design (CAD) models. Once we review and finalize the CAD model of the weldment, we meet with you to discuss possible casting designs.

Casting Design

Casting Design

Casting design ensures optimal design of the gating system and parts to deliver cost-efficiency and quality. To begin the process, the client provides us with a design in the form of a CAD model, and our engineering team evaluates it to assess whether it aligns with the customer’s expected cost and quality. We will also discuss potential design changes and how they will impact the final casting. Clients can make changes and re-submit designs for further evaluation.

Our engineers can provide the 3D modeling for a fee but the client is responsible for signing off on the final geometry. We can also 3D-print scale parts for review as well as provide solidification and flow analysis.


Simulation services model material flow and solidification to verify that all gating systems and parts are optimally designed to produce the best quality at the lowest cost. First, the client provides a part’s CAD model, which we run through the simulation software. We provide the results of our analysis to the client, along with potential solutions to address any areas prone to poor quality.

Tool Design & Fab

Foundry tooling must be fabricated to fit into highly specialized equipment. The tool design service must consider:

  • Venting
  • Parting lines
  • Shrinkage allowance
  • Draft angles

As experts in iron casting and foundry tooling, Ancast Industries can build our clients’ tooling for them, including highly complex designs that other foundries won’t even consider building. We work with a variety of materials to produce tooling equipment that ranges in price and longevity.


Prototyping services give the user a cost-effective way to produce and test a certain part design or piece of equipment in real-world conditions before investing in final production-level tooling. Ancast Industries uses lower-cost materials, 3D printing, and creative tool design to produce prototype tools that are twice as fast and 25% cheaper to make compared to high-volume production tools.


3D scanning services allow us to provide a dimensional report of our clients’ tooling and parts. This process is fast and provides a thorough quantitative report of the dimensional accuracy of parts and tooling wear over time. It also makes the reverse engineering process fast and precise, as scanning produces a CAD model that can be used to 3D print or build tooling for another part.

Once a customer requests a 3D scan or scan of a part for reverse engineering purposes, we provide them with an estimated quote. We scan the tooling or component and provide a model or report to the client. In addition to one-time 3D scanning, we can scan our clients’ tooling at regular intervals to evaluate wear over time. With reverse engineering, the resulting CAD model helps us add shrink allowance, split for parting lines, and other adjustments.

Rely on Ancast Industries for Your Foundry Services

Ancast Industries offers a range of services for manufacturing tooling and components for low- to medium-volume production needs. Our services include weldment conversion, casting design, simulation, tool design and fabrication, prototyping, and 3D scanning. Contact us or request a quote to discuss your project’s requirements.