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Lead Time Update

Update June 10, 2024

Sinto – 4 Weeks (down 1 week)

H20 – 9 Weeks (up 4 weeks)

H32 – 10 Weeks (up 5 weeks)

Our Lead time has come down significantly since record highs only 7 months ago. We are now back to the uncomfortably low lead times seen during COVID.

We will be using this slow down to have periodic down days during the week to perform maintenance normally done on weekends.

Please note that we will be shutting down for two weeks to facilitate major maintenance projects. There will be no pouring or mold making from July 20th to Aug 5th. Grinding and shipping will continue during this time.

Although our lead time has come down significantly, we encourage you to place orders needed before Aug 5th as soon as possible.


Jeff Herdman

General Manager